Saturday, 23 June 2012

What took you so Long ?

Was I out of my mind?
How could I be so blind !
It seems an entire new world now..
I don't know these all happened how;
But why now ?
What took you so long ?

The rain has washed down the dusty cover,
Thankful to God, for I could discover..
The magical world full of love for me,
kept buried inside your heart,that not even I could see..
I am thankful to you too,
  for loving me the way you do.

But I also remember the dark days,
the dreadful storms and the hails.
The days when I was scared of my own shadow,
But you taught me how to all my fears swallow.
But you took a little long..
How could you be sure that I would always wait for your song ?
What took you so long ?

Friday, 22 June 2012

The Hidden Love

We love each other,
but its not like the love between lovers..
we care for each other,
but this care is far more than between lovers..
we want to be together,
but not as two lovers. .
we want to hold hands forever,
cause our love is as divine as between God and His lover..

I want to love you forever,
but you are always someplace elsewhere..
I want to kiss your cheeks,
but you are so very busy with others..

I know that i love you,
and that you love me too.
But then what forces keep you away from me ?
I want to have you with me when I am free,
free as a bird who can fly with his lover..
without the interference of anyone, forever !

The feelings in my heart bring the three magic words to my lips..
But I am afraid, my words might not please the growing tips..
But I still want to hear the same from you,
cause if there is any delay, it might be too late..
and the words would be useless to say..
but the love for you will forever stay...

My love for you will end its journey,
only when I close my eyes for eternity. .
And the love will still be there . .
      The Hidden Love.. left unexpressed, buried deep inside the heart..

I can feel my love. .

I can feel the Sun,
it feels warm..
I can feel the rain,
easing all the pain..
I can feel the water loitering around my feet;
the slimy surface of the pebbles.. as smooth as your voice..

Yes,I can feel the fire within me..
The rain in the Sun, the peace that it deposits within my soul..
I can feel your hair brush my cheeks.. the smell of jasmine;
I can feel your skin crying out in passion..
I can feel the intimacy..the splendour !
I feel mystery.. .

I can feel the warmth;
The unspoken words that your lips sing to mine..
I can feel the melancholy sweetness seeping into me..
oh ! I can feel my lips burn out of pleasure..
I can feel the world once again ! The happy world around me..

I can feel you..
Yes, I can feel my love !